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ASO Services India

An easy way to define app store optimization is the process of improving an app’s visibility on several application platforms like the App Store and Playstore. With ASO taking the app market by storm, it has changed the way we discover apps to a whole new level, making app search relevant and efficient. You can now download a whole variety of apps by just searching for exactly what you need. Type in “food delivery” and there you have it! Over 2000 results that you can download in just one click. ASO has improved the reach of many apps and helped them expand their audience. Let us get into the many optimizing tools and ASO services India, America and other countries are using to help apps grow.

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To give you an idea about how large the app market is, about 6,000 apps are added to Google Play Store every day. In a market of over 5 million apps, it is definitely impossible to stand out without ASO boosting your app’s ranking. This makes an app invisible on the search and is termed as a “zombie app”. The rise in the number of zombie apps each year, found per category shows exactly how important ASO techniques and services are. App optimization can lead to four positive outcomes:

  • Increased visibility and discoverability
  • Increased rankings
  • Increased downloads
  • Increased profits

But these ASO goals can only be achieved if the appropriate services and tools are used to optimize your app. Coming to services, companies across the world offer a wide range at different prices and packages, that are based on your requirements. Before selecting which services to go with, it’s important to analyze what exactly your app needs and which services can benefit those areas. They can be personalized and target those areas that are lacking and require a push. The wide range of Best app marketing companies and other countries have in store are:

  • Keyword optimization: this service is offered to identify the appropriate keywords related to the app to increase its chances of being found and downloaded.
  • Analysis & Review: this usually includes services like Complete App Analysis, Competition Analysis, Keyword Research & Analysis, App Localization, and On-App SEO.
  • On-App Optimization: in this section, ASO companies offer services to do with just the app. These services help to optimize the logo, description, demo videos, screenshots, reviews and category selection of the app.
  • Off-App Optimization: these services are related to everything outside the app, that grows its popularity. This is done through citations, blogs, articles, guest posts, websites, FAQ forums, app review forums, etc…
  • Reports: this service includes timely reports whose statistical insights can be used to improve the app.

Sometimes, the prices of such services are too expensive for small or individual app creators. They do not have extensive budgets like big app developers to get the same kind of media coverage. In cases like this, smaller app creators and developers can turn to ASO tools. The internet is filled with them and is relatively affordable, accessible, and easy to work with. App Radar, Sensor Tower, App Annie and Meatti are just some examples of the biggest names in the world of ASO tools. Again, your objective for choosing the tools must be based on your app’s requirement. Here are five types of ASO tools that are most commonly found across various ASO tool platforms:

  • Keyword optimization tools: this is a tool that suggests the most relevant keywords that can help bring traffic to your app. It has other tools that can be used to track keywords and optimize them.
  • App page optimization tools: this tool analyses the app’s page on the app store. It analyses how interactive and engaging the description, screenshots, demo videos and reviews are. Based on its analysis, it makes suggestions in areas that can be improved or optimized.
  • App review optimization tools: this tool lets creators know what users like and dislike about the app. It also tracks the sentiments of feelings user hold towards the app. Based on these reviews, app creators can change their app accordingly. This tool can also help creators to notice complaints and suggestions that users voice in the form of reviews.
  • A/B testing: this tool helps you compare two or more samples of app pages to see which one is more likely to get downloaded.
  • Ad campaign optimization tool: this tool can be used to run effective advertising campaigns. It compares your ads to competitor ads, highlighting the area you can improve to acquire more users.
  • Each of these tools and services is unique in their own way, that tackle different aspects of ASO.

ASO tools and services are not difficult to access. For example, by just typing “ASO service India”, you can find tons of results to avail these services wherever you are. These services and tools can be used for a multitude of reasons, it can be used for comparison purposes or even to measure the impact of two different screenshots. Different keywords can be tested to check which one brings in several downloads. No matter the size of your business or app, these services and tools are beneficial to all and can help you grow your app and reach out to more people.